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More than 70 years ago, a group of "fellows" in the Farmington Exchange Club decided to combine forces with other service clubs in the Farmington area to provide assistance to needy families around Christmas time.  The results of the first year were gratifying, and the GOODFELLOWS MOVEMENT was on its way!

Until 1973, the Farmington Exchange Club sponsored the Goodfellows, and today this club, now known as the Xemplar Club, is the still the driving force behind the program. Many individuals felt there was a need to establish a separate organization with its own set of bylaws. Although changes have been made over the years, the objective remains the same, "No Child or Senior without a Christmas".

Each year, we serve hundreds of families including at-risk children and seniors in Farmington and Farmington Hills. If you or your family would like to volunteer some time to work with our organization, or are in need of assistance from our organization, please contact us.

In October of 2016, our President Dave Kenerson lost a lengthy battle with cancer. He was our leader from 2010-2016, and was a presence in any room he he was in. Dave exuded the same caring spirit that has defined the Goodfellows for almost 50 years. We strive to continue the tradition of service and excellence that Dave and Dick Tupper brought to this organization, and welcome others in the community with a desire to serve neighbors in need to join us.

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The Farmington Area Goodfellows is a 501c3 public charity. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by IRS code. Please check with your personal tax advisor about your individual situation.

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